REFLECTIONS ON LIFE: Life on Life's Terms

Have you ever encountered the painful truth of the expression

 "doing life on life's terms"?  Lately I became very aware od it

and how real it can feel.

This year Texas is experiencing the hottest spring and summer

 (so far) in recorded history. 

This is the summer our AC units gave up on us.

  We had to wait 19 days before one of the units could be repaired. 

As I write this it is being installed. 

Your head knows that you're not unique, nor the only one

 afflicted, yet your feelings want you to believe how unfair

and terrible this is!


My 93 year old step mother, who is usually very cold, suddenly

 could  not support the heat.  To complete the picture the long

 awaited visit by my daughter and grand children became reality. 

They arrived and settled in...yes settled into this inferno.

 Sleepless and restless nights, hot and sweaty bodies;

the square footage per ego was and is minimal. 

False promises and lies by overwhelmed and overworked

 employees of AC companies struly brought to the surface

 what it really means: Life on Life's terms.


Together, we all had to make very quickly some sane choices

 and practice pro-active behaviors.  Patience, tolerance,

 respect and love prevailed. 

We did life on life's terms not as victims or angry bullies,

rather accepting what is...including a lot of unfavorable

 circumstances.  In other words this is the summer

of great lemonade made from the lemons of life.  It is the

summer of great appreciation for the technology and the

wonders of AC!  We have Power, the fridge works, love prevails

and Life is good even when it is not on our terms!



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