Liliane Desjardins, LCAS

was born in Zagreb, Croatia and educated in Paris, France.  Her background is liturgical arts and two of her outstanding works are the stained glass windows at the Catholic Chapel at Kennedy International Airport in New. York.  Upon entering recovery from addictions Liliane's focus shifted from aesthetic beauty to reshaping and re-creating her life and the lives of others.

Liliane is a Certified Clinical Addiction Specialist.  She is renowned for her highly successful and innovative work and the Desjardins Unified Model of Treatment of Addictions.  She is the co-founder of Pavillon Gilles Desjardins in Val David , Quebec, Canada, a center for treatment of Addiction Interaction Disorder.  She is also co-founder of Pavillon International a center for Substance Treatment in NC.  Liliane has 32 years of experience in clinical work. 

Liliane has a profound and passionate dedication to her work, which is rooted in 36 years of personal recovery.  Liliane is a proven leader in the healing of emotions and deep seated imprints and self defeating belief systems and addictions.  She has brought hope and healing to thousands.  She is an international speaker, workshop leader and has appeared on numerous educational TV programs.  With humor, expertise and compassion Liliane creates the necessary elements for transformation, as well as the desire and strength needed for individuals to change and lead more effective and healthy lives

 After retiring from Pavillon International, Liliane and her husband Gilles moved to Austin, TX in 2007.  Liliane is now president of Higher Power Productions.  Her focus is now on empowering individuals to Access their Authentic Self and actualize their potential by gaining freedom from negative imprints.  She enjoys playing golf with her husband Gilles and playing with their adorable little puppy named Angel.

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