Fear is an acronym in the English language for, " FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL"

Neal Donald Welsh


" Theres is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear."  

-1 John 4:18 NKJV


Fear is the path to the dark side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."

 - Yoda, in Star Wars: Episode IV A new Hope (1977)


" Death is not the biggest fear we have, our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive - the risk to be alive and express what we really are."

                                                                                                              Don Miguel Ruiz


"Listen with your ears, not your fears."       Thom Rutledge


The above quotations are all so true and describe very well the truth about fear.  Yet, all of us on daily basis, spend countless hours fearing others, fearing circumstances, fearing ourselves, fearing poverty, fearing failure, fearing rejection and/or abandonment, etc.  Most of our fears never materialize but we keep fearing.

Paul Dalton had an obsessive desire to find the antidote to fear.  He searched through books, exercises, interventions etc.  One day by chance he heard a phrase that stopped him in his tracks, he understood at that moment with clarity, that the absolute antidote to fear could not be found in books, and exercises but rather in the acceptance of a simple truth.  The phrase he heard was:   " THE QUESTION IS IRRELEVANT, LOVE IS THE ANSWER."

Some years ago I had my own shift in perception: My fears became the Fuel of my Faith.  Each of my fears was a teacher.  Each of my fears when dealt with, processed and  surrendered, inevitably brings me closer to my Conscious Contact with my Creator and with my Authentic Self.

Yes,  the antidotes to fear are ACCEPTANCE, LOVE AND ACTION!  Like Nike said: JUST DO IT!  In other words face the fear and do it anyway!

Thank you for being the loving beings that you are.





" Deep pleasure, joy, and knowing secure my mind and delight my heart as daily revelations tell me who I really am.  I maintain a clear, clean focus as I fully take in the beauties of nature and the intuitive insights that God has for me."

                                                               Margaret Stortz



Within each of us is our Divine Genetic Coding.  Our Spiritual DNA contains the full pattern of who we are and what we came to be and do, that is our Authentic Self.  Like the caterpillar has to surrender in order to become a butterfly, we have to die to the old Ego ideas, beliefs and Imprints in order to access our Authentic Self.

Ego wants to hang onto smallness, the selfishness, the "control" and fears because it has no higher vision.  Ego is the self-limiting vision.  Ego operates out of our reptile brains and stimulates reptilian behaviors: obsessive-compulsive behaviors, dominance, aggression, submission, greed, jealousy, envy, and competition.  Ego is not Ungodly; it is non-godly.  When the prefrontal cortex is added to the animal brain, the intellect becomes the tool of the ego.

Ego has no ability to see our beauty, our uniqueness, our potential and possibilities.  "We" are not the content of our minds.  We are transcendental Consciousness.  Our ego attacks our immune system and our physiology by feeding us the lies of our impossibilities and limitations, yet our Authentic Self, our Divine Imprint, and our impulse are stronger  That part in us knows deep down at our core that there is more to us, that our finest hour is yet to come.

Our Divine Imprints and our Spiritual DNA are much stronger than the ego.  As Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation says:  'Your existence is born of Spiritual parentage,  Your Divine DNA is Divine Love, Divine Intelligence, and Divine Creativity.

This is what we came to express on this Planet.  Life's impulse is to be more, to expand,, to express and to grow.  Whatever is not expressed ends up being depressed.  Your destiny and mine is to be this Authentic and Creative Self .  Like the caterpillar, we might forget this truth,  we might believe we cannot fly.  Yet, our Authentic Self knows the truth and has the ability to soar.  The whole purpose of Spiritual Work can be summed up as: Potentiality becomes Actuality.

So our daily choice is:  who shall we be today; The false ego-self/ or do or do we choose to go within and tap into our Authentic Self and actualize each day more of our Divine Potentiality.  The choice and the responsibility to choose are ours.



" Following your feelings will lead you to their source.  Only through emotions can you encounter the force field of your soul."

                                                                         Gary Zukav

I am present to my feelings.  I allow myself to express each one without judgment and condemnation.

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